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Islam Unravelled helps to unravel the narratives surrounding Islam and Muslims in the West. It builds bridges of understanding and friendship between cultures and communities.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Interview with Tony McAleer — former Neo Nazi on the Cure For Hate

    In this interview Tony shares his perspective with Islam Unravelled on overcoming hate, gleaned from over a thousand hours of therapy, group work, and facilitating change in others that reveals the deeper psychological causes behind racism. ...


  2. RCMP BC Hate Crimes team and the Muslim community - with Cpl. Anthony Statham

    In this Podcast the Islam Unravalled team speaks with Cpl. Anthony Statham regarding the work done on engagement and the relationship built between the Muslim community and RCMP in British Columbia. ...


  3. Metro Vancouver Transit Police with Cst. Shiraaz Hanif - Islam Unravelled

    Today we have Cst. Shiraaz Hanif of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police with us to discuss his role as a Transit Police Community Engagement Team Officer and on his work with Islam Unraveled within the Muslim Community. The Metro Vancouver Transit Police are the only dedicated police service in Canada focused ...


  4. Know Your Muslim Neighbor Episode 2: The Islamic Concept of God Who is Allah?

    This Episode of Islam Unravelled's Know Your Muslim Neighbor deals with the Islamic concept of God and shares the understanding of Who Allah Is. *Sponsored by Islamic Relief Canada* ...


  5. Know Your Muslim Neighbor Episode 1: Why Does She Wear Hijab

    Exploring the Historical and Islamic perspectives on the Hijab. ...